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Aspects Of Eshal

~the sides you see~

29 April 1968
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What can I say ...I am a fanfic junkie, friend got me hooked ages ago on BtVS fic. I still read predominantly BtVS and AtS fic mostly slash. Yeah I know its said to be sick but hey there are a lot of us out there so don't bag it til you've tried it hehe! My fav pairings are any with Spike Angel and Xander. Never thought I'd see Xander that way but something dragged me over to the darkside and hell I'm loving it!! *lol*

In the spare time I have when I am not reading fic I play in my graphics programs. I mainly work on character faces and make images using them characters these days but in the past I have done other stuff as well and hope to get back there when the inspiration hits again.

I have 3 sites where I house my graphics: one for my more adult images, one for my general mixed images and finally one for my obsession. The first 2 are currently down due to my getting sick of crappy free sites nuking them with no warning or explaination. The final one is in my profile info if you feel the curiosity cat clawing at you :) Its a site of WIP's so don't expect anything special.

Anyways enough of the babble...I'll be lurking around as I am not one for talking a lot :)